Sunday, December 23, 2007

~ Yet another birthday... ~

Yet, another birthday. I am 28 this time! I feel old. Very old. Yet, another birthday cheated. LOL! Seriously, I am not all about gifts and stuff, and it is a good thing I am not. IF I had been I might feel sad. Yes, many of my friends and family over looked me in giving me stuff for my b day. The reason usually falls into the 2 categories:

1. I did not have enough money to buy you a gift, I spent all my money on buying stuff for other people on Christmas.


2. Here is your birthday/Christmas present.


LOL! I guess I am usually a convenience to those that wish to buy me stuff, I am like killing 2 birds with one stone...

It was horrid none the less and not because of the presents issue. I would not care if I ever got another present again. I like them, but I try to realize it is all material and try to look toward the things that matter.

But, I can not believe I am 28. It does not feel right. I do not feel as old as I am....


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